September 28, 2011

Wait…What Just Happened?

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“Neuromancer” is definitely bad ass but I do not think I have done so much re-reading in a long time.  For every page I read, I have to flip back three just to make sure I’m on board with what’s happening in this book.  So I guess naturally I have some questions to just throw out into the old blog-space.  Please know that I confess myself not to be the brightest bulb in the box, so if these questions are dumb, please bear with me.  My first question is what is Riviera’s “power” if that is the right word to use?  At first, when Case and Molly catch him in the alley in Istanbul, I thought he was some sort of genetic mutation or a shape shifter which is a stretch but shit they can upgrade everything else in this book why not be able to give someone the ability to change shape as well?  Of course as that scene went on, it turns out he is just a man but I’m not one hundred percent sure of his abilities exactly.  Is he able to project into minds so that he can manipulate what he wants others to see? I also thought that maybe he has some sort of hologram power, but if I’m remembering correctly, one guy lost his finger in the alley fight so are these holograms that can harm you or did I miss how the guy ended up losing his finger?  I’m not really sure what Riviera’s “mods” or augmentations are and any insight would be much appreciated.

The other part that confused me was where all the team went to in outer space.  I did not get the feeling it was another planet, but I feel like I missed something as to where they actually went.  Was it a space port of some kind or some sort of self-contained space city just floating around out there that people can access via space shuttle?  I did think it was some sort of elite resort possibly but that could be totally wrong.  I imagined it as something out of “Futurama” or the floating resort ship in the movie “The Fifth Element” but I got the feeling at the beginning of Ch. 10 it was on a grander scale than some sort of space luxury cruise.  That could be totally wrong so if I’m way off base or have my head up my ass as I read this book, help me out because as cool as this book is turning out to be I’m also confused about some parts here and there and I don’t want to be talking out of my butt when it comes to “Neuromancer”.

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