November 28, 2011

House of the Scorpion

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The first big difference I noticed with this novel is how much it lacks typical sci-fi motifs.  There is no significant advancement of technology or any alien encounters.  The world is not in absolute disaster as people struggle to cope with how much the world has changed. There is especially a lack of weird sex as […]

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November 22, 2011

A Different Perspective

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Caught…I cannot believe we were caught.  All by that stupid net gun thing they had when they boarded our ship.  Why had we got so close to them when we should have just backed away down the corridor Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.  Now we are up shit creek without a paddle and if these beings, humans, I […]

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November 16, 2011


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“We can be utterly useless, or we can try and compete against the vampires and the constructs and the AIs. And perhaps you can tell me how to do that without turning into a-an utter freak.” pg. 252 I found this part of BlindSight compelling because it got me thinking about what choices these characters […]

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