November 16, 2011


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“We can be utterly useless, or we can try and compete against the vampires and the constructs and the AIs. And perhaps you can tell me how to do that without turning into a-an utter freak.” pg. 252

I found this part of BlindSight compelling because it got me thinking about what choices these characters have in this world.  It was interesting and scary to think that if one wants to survive in this world they either have two choices put themselves into “heaven” or be rewired in order to keep up with more advanced intelligent entities.  It is striking that Siri stills try to hold onto the idea that anyone has a choice anymore.  There is no way for any regular person to compete let alone survive unless they choose to augment themselves to keep up with the vampires or the AI.  It is scary to think that this world has evolved to the point where just being human has become obsolete.  That the next phase of evolution is to make yourself smarter or to have upgrades to your extremities done by technology.  Evolving to survive has always been a natural process that occurs over the right length of time and for the benefit of any given species.  To think that one is forced to evolve because science has made things that are making true humans obsolete really drastically cuts down on the choices one would have.  It appears unfair that without becoming an “utter freak” there would be no chance at all for survival in this world.  There really are no choices for the people involved and they can either choose to sacrifice the things that make us human or just be put into a false heaven.  There really is no way for people to survive anymore without going through some sort of manipulation of their mind and or body and that to me is a compelling aspect of this novel.

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