October 31, 2011

A letter

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Dear Akin, It seems like only yesterday that I was awakened into a world that I did not know.  I was afraid, confused, angry, and a whole other gambit of emotions.  It took me some time but eventually I became accustomed to this new world around me.  Before I knew it, I was awakening other […]

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October 25, 2011

Lilith’s Brood

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When it comes to the question of agency in “Lilith’s Brood,” the one example that I think of is the part about Lilith wanting paper and writing utensils.  She is not allowed to have either since the aliens have decided that this is not allowed.  This for me brings up the question of how much […]

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October 17, 2011


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The page that really struck me in WE3 was page 27.  I think this page struck a chord with me because of just watching Blade Runner and the question that arises from that of what it means to be human.  I believe that one of the reasons people tend to view animals as unintelligent is […]

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