November 22, 2011

A Different Perspective

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Caught…I cannot believe we were caught.  All by that stupid net gun thing they had when they boarded our ship.  Why had we got so close to them when we should have just backed away down the corridor Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.  Now we are up shit creek without a paddle and if these beings, humans, I guess we call them that, are constantly invading our ship.  Cutting holes to enter, bring weird machines that fire at anything that moves.  It is so ridiculous when thought about logically.  We had clearly warned them not to come on board.  All we wanted to do was to be left alone for a while so we could learn more and maybe even evolve beyond this weird mass that is are current state.  No matter now events have been set in motion and there is no turning back for either side.  They have doomed us all just like they will eventually doom the rest of their planet.  We never meant any harm all we wanted to do was observe and become our own beings the same way they had done millions of years ago.  Now that hope is gone and they only options left for both sides is war. I wonder what will happen to us when we return to their ship.  I’m sure it won’t be pleasant for anyone involved and now all we can do is hope that the death that awaits both sides is quick.

Some sort of cell, no way out.  I have moved all over this room and found no possible way to escape.  They have been studying us for days now.  A constant barrage of mind tests and questions that take both me and my companion no time to figure out at all.  If only we could speak their language then maybe, just maybe we might be able to bridge the gap between our two species.  It is hopeless however not matter how hard either side tries we just cannot get though to one another.  They have begun torturing as now as well.  Fire, electricity, and a host of other sadistic things and for what reasons I do not know.  It is very painful and anything they are gaining from this cannot be all that useful.  My companion just stays balled up in the corner hoping that will keep him safe or maybe even hidden.  It is no use of course they see us clear as rain and love to watch as squirm.  I try to stay spread out showing as much of myself as possible in my own mind defying to bend to their will or show that I fear them.  I loathe them now for what they have done to my and the other and it is only a matter of time before our friends, our brother fight back.  They will not last an hour and the only outcome is the absolution destruction of them and their ship.  For their ignorance, they will burn out here millions of miles away from their loved ones and for what?

I decided to re-write a few scenes doing it from the alien’s point of view.  I found it interesting that this book is at it cores an alien encounter scenario but the aliens never talk.  In almost all other alien encounter films or novels, the aliens either talk or make some sort of noises to indicate they understand the people they are dealing with.  So, it just seemed like it would be fun to try and imagine what the aliens where thinking the whole time they were being studied as well as captured. Especially interesting for me because throughout the first half of the novel the aliens never seemed aggressive in any way.  If the people in the novel had just played it a little smarter, they could have learned about them without putting themselves and the aliens at risk.  It appeared stupid to constantly board the ship after all the crazy shit that would happen to them on there as well as then capture two aliens only to turn around and torture them.  Also, the capture scene was where the humans sealed their own fate since the alien ship only attacks to free their brethren who had been captured.  So I went ahead and worked some dialogue out for the aliens and that it would be fun to try and give an imagined insight from their point of view and though process.

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